Hello, Nicole Murdock. I’m a coach, yoga teacher and sometimes wanderer based in Palm Springs, California.

One night in 2013, I tossed and turned in my bed and asked myself ‘where the old me go?’ I could remember a confident, happy, and optimistic girl in her twenties who was brave and adventurous. I got out of bed, walked into the bathroom, and squinted in the mirror. I didn’t see any of that girl anymore. Sure, a lot had changed: I had gotten married, birthed two children, and had several unfulfilling jobs. I was stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted. I was taking anti-anxiety medication and drinking way too much, too often. I was often sick and missed work. My relationships were suffering and sometimes I couldn’t get out of bed. I was jealous and angry. I was sinking in the fear that this was all life was going to be for me. The best years of my life were over and I was going to have to settle for bitterness and anxiety. It didn’t make sense that I should feel this way. I had a husband and children who I loved and who loved me. But it wasn’t enough to get me unstuck. One week later I quit my job without a plan. All I knew was that something needed to change.

Three things occurred as a result.

1) I started Yoga Teacher Training.

2) I stopped taking my anti-anxiety medication.

3) I got a life coach.

I know for sure that starting on the path of self-care and self-discovery saved my ass.

Love grew out of my wounds, and I began to heal myself. I joined a coaching group of women and had the opportunity to participate in the beauty that occurs when women are able to witness and support one another devoid of jealousy and comparison. I saw my experiences reflected in theirs and found that they were able to push me to go deeper and to stand out in confidence again. I ultimately found that woman I used to be, and I made her better. Now, I coach women. I stand for women letting go of the lie that they aren’t enough and that their plight is to suffer in a life that doesn’t light them up. I stand for women healing themselves and each other through courage and vulnerability. I stand for women breaking up with fear, learning to love themselves fully, and living and communicating with confidence.  

I work with clients in groups, 1:1, virtually, and in person. Underneath everything I do is the desire for each woman to get out of overwhelm, fear, and judgement and step into the life that is waiting for them on the other side, full of ease, confidence, and passion.

As a teacher and mentor, I help women manage their inner critic, learn to speak gracefully, and live unapologetically.

So what does this mean for you?

I’m excited to find out! If you’re curious about working with me please check out my programs. Or if you would like to get to know me more check out my articles. I am truly honored you stopped by.