Should I Create an Altar Space?

nicolemurdock. | Should I Create an Altar Space?

Can you remember back to when you were younger and you had a space all your own? Maybe it was your bedroom and you decorated it with New Kids on the Block posters, or if you had to share a room, you built forts or had a tree house. Can you remember feeling like you could take a deep exhale in that space and feel at ease and comforted as if you were the only one in the world? This feeling is what I try to capture in my altar space. Peace, solitude, support, a big exhale. It is important to have a space all your own to recharge. Unfortunately, as we get older we share more and more of our space with others. As a mom and wife I share ALL of my space with my family. Sometimes (or most of the time) the laundry flows over into my bedroom and a little boy sneaks into my bed at night. I created my altar as a personal space to feed my soul that I don't have to share with anyone else. 


1. The world is loud and you are busy. You need a space that allows for less distractions so you can relax.

2. Creating a space allows your family to realize that when you are in it, you are not to be disturbed. (Think about it like a grown up time out).

3. You can fill it with items that bring you joy instead of following a decorating scheme that matches the rest of the house. 

4. It reminds you of who you are. When you see a beautiful space that you have made and filled with joy, you see your essence reflected back to you.


What I love about having a space is that you can have an entire room or a small table in the corner of a room. I have had both in my current house and find that I really like to be in the smaller space.

If you have a smaller space you and use these ideas:

1. Use a bench, altar or table and place your items on top of it.

2. Use primarily wall space and hang your items then place items that cannot be hung on a small (movable if necessary) rug.

3. Create a traveling space or altar. Place your items in a traveling bag and take them out and place them on a coffee table or nightstand in your hotel.


Whatever the F you want to. Seriously. Whatever you need. This space is about taking time for yourself. Your needs will change daily and there is no daily routine that has to be followed. You want to use this time to clear, recharge and renew. If you are looking for a daily routine check out this post. You DO NOT want to be sending emails, texting, or working in your sacred space. You have the rest of the world for that later. Need ideas for what you can do in your space?

1. Meditate. You can take 1 minute or 8 hours; it's up to you. I think of my meditation time as a time to check in with my physical and emotional body. Meditation can also be a spiritual time to connect with the Source, Divine or God  (or whatever name you choose).

2. Chant. Japa is a form of meditation that involves Mantra. An easy Mantra for first time meditators is "So Hum". As you inhale verbally or silently say So and as you exhale silently say Hum. 

3. Listen to music. I love to listen to soft instrumental or Kirtan (a call and response form of Indian Music).

4. Read. If you have inspirational readings this is a great time.

5. Dream.

6. Dance.

7. Rest.  

8. Pray or ask for guidance. 

9. Surrender your stress and negative thoughts to Source. 


1. Candles

2. Pictures of loved ones who need healing or whom you want to send love to.

3. Flowers

4. Statues or Deities

5. Shells or Crystals

6. Cushions, Pillows, Yoga Mat or Meditation Benches

7. Essential Oils or Herbs (sage or other dried herbs for burning)

Take it back to your childhood days and create a space that is just for you. Allow yourself to use this altar, night stand, or room as a place for you to come home to. 

Allow yourself the freedom and space to connect to yourself and with Source- how ever you define it. 

Try scheduling 5 minutes in the morning and five minutes at night to visit your altar and notice what changes start to happen in your life. 

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