Why Done is Better Than Perfect

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Confesssion: I am a recovering perfectionist. I used to start a project, research the heck out of the topic, outline, dream, and begin. A few weeks in and I would find myself restarting, tweaking, and finally trashing my work because it was never quite right. I would have a vision that was precise, a standard that was unrealistic, and an image of myself as 'perfect' and 'all together' and I could never deliver.

Why Done is Better Than Perfect

1. It gives you room to grow

If you only produce when you are perfect, then you rob yourself of the gift of growing. Each time we complete something we have the opportunity to go back and get feedback. Sometimes feedback can come from a colleague, spouse, friend or yourself. You can take what you have discovered in the creative process and use those lessons for the next incantation.

2. It allows you trust in yourself

Every time you see something through you reinforce to yourself that you can be trusted. You are reliable. You have integrity. You can proudly say, "I said I was going to do it, and I did. I didn't give up." And, the next time a challenge comes up you can honestly have faith that you can crush it because you've done it before.

3. It gives others permission to be imperfect

We are doing the world a disservice being seemingly perfect all the time. No one will want to go out and expand or improve upon something that is already perfect. No, encourage the next person to try, to grow, and to excel. Let them say, "That looks cool, but I bet I could do it better."

4. It's liberating

When I would get stuck in perfection, and something didn't happen how I thought it should, I'd quit and move on to something else that I hoped I would do better. And you know what? I started to feel so constricted- think of wearing a straight jacket while trying to cook dinner. There is no joy in the process under this kind of pressure. When you stop following ALL the 'rules' and 'shoulds,' you start to feel free, and it's liberating, even joyous. Here's how to take the liberation to another level: Start your project and don't do any research. Don't look up the top people who are doing it. Don't go to their websites. Don't watch 585 YouTube videos. Just do you. Create. Create. Create. You can edit later or never. It's up to you!

5. You are kidding yourself if you think you can do it perfectly. Humans are not perfect and your project won't be either.

Embrace the fact that you will never be perfect. Like, right now. Seriously. Embrace that what you can be instead, is someone who is brave enough to start.  When you let go of perfection and finish what you start, you get to have the experience of creating and finishing, with a lot of messy learning under your belt. And that, my friend, is worth a whole hell of a lot.

So, tell me is there something you have thought about doing that you haven't done because the timing is shit, you don't have all the tools, or you don't know enough? Speak it aloud, name it, and get fucking started. Now. Then stay focused like the dickens and see that shit through until it's DONE.